Productions Levitone

These are my current Releases | Productions, and there is more to come. You can listen to some of the tracks and snippets on my SoundCloud page. I often feature new productions in the Levitunes show.

I always wanted to create an album with a “Terminator” theme to it. Sunstate Records gave me this chance.

Ashes is my first EP on LuPS Records after a long hiatus were I wanted to shift more towards Progressive House.

The Night Train EP is another step towards a genre were I feel more at home.

My first remix production, and a legendary one. Sunn Jellie’s Stargaze is considered a classic in the industry.

My first solo release on Intricate records. It captures my initial love for Trance music.

A remix of the track “Bound” by Four Days. I wanted to create something moody but keeping the original funk.

Our fist release on Intricate records, and our first experiments with recording our own vocals.

My first solo release on the MOM label. Featuring a fantastic remix by Four Days.

The music that started it all. Our first venture into the unknown world of Deephouse and Progressive House.