aliens colonial marines - wallpapers

Aliens Colonial Marines – Wallpapers

Leden van het Gearbox forum hebben mij gevraagd om deze render te maken voor de mensen die een petitie hebben getekend om voor een bepaalde spelmodus meer content te krijgen. Hiervoor heb ik de originele assets geladen in 3DS Max en de personages gepositioneerd  zodat deze overeen kwamen met de film. Sommige dingen zijn achteraf flink nabewerkt in photoshop en andere heb ik toegepast binnen 3DS Max, zoals mijn eigen Pulse Rifle wapens en bepaalde uitrustingen verwisseld van de soldaten. Hieronder een korte beschrijving (in het engels) welke stappen ik genomen heb om tot het eindresultaat te komen.

Most Impressive - Multimedia Designer [Digital Art & Design].

The textures were mostly all present, but I still had to re-touch them a bit. The decal system that Gearbox made is usefull ingame but a pain when you rip the models from the game. Slight bump in the road though since most of the decals could be placed on all the textures in photoshop. The biggest problem with the models was Hudson’s face. The game-model did not look like Hudson (Bill Paxton) from the Aliens movie and had to be photoshopped extensively. We got there in the end of course, and I think the came out fairly decent.

First we have to get them in a decent composition using 3DS Max. All the models were posable, even their faces! (which was unused in the game itself, besides Hicks) Specially Drake’s pose was allot of fun to do. I wanted him to pay pay homage to his gal Vasquez, using the hand as a gun to point “where they are…”

After getting them in the positions I wanted, and placing the camera to get the right render angle, it was time to do the lights. I used V-Ray to get that extra special look concerning the shadow forming. And what is the Aliens franchise without that pretty blue glowing light.

I placed V-ray softboxes on both sides of the models, one with white light and one with blue. I also placed one above the models to make the Alien Queen light up a bit.