Levitunes 08

Last year I wanted to experiment with starting slow and ramping speed in my mix. I did this for a few reasons. I wanted to use Nils Frahm’s Sunson in a mix and follow it up with “More than music” from 16BL. I had to edit it a bit to make it fit but I think it worked. Of course I followed it up with Bob Moses “Like it or Not” because 16BL….Like it or not….You will release “More than music” one day and we will love you for it. 😉 Cir•cles, Restless, Irrlicht and Mantis. Great must-haves for anyone who loves dance music. A (Day)dream was to have Vintage & Morelli’s “Daydream” in one of my mixes. What a timeless classic tune. Stunning. I finally given it a great spot with the help of Jerro’s “Lake Nivu”. Hope you enjoy the mix.

Track list:

01. Nils Frahm – Sunson [ Erased Tapes ]
02. 16BL – More than music (Levitone Edit) [ Anjunadeep ]
03. Bob Moses – Like It or Not [ Domino Recording Company ]
04. Couros – Cir•cles [ PMR Records ]
05. Gacha Bakradze – Restless [Anjunadeep]
06. Lycoriscoris – Kite [Anjunadeep]
07. Wayward – Orissa [ Silver Bear Recordings ]
08. Frederick Alonso – Last Time [ Be Adult Music ]
09. Max Cooper – Volition feat. Wilderthorn ( Robag Wruhme’s Botnax Caal Remix) [Mesh]
10. FAIT du PRINCE – Irrlicht (Zusammenklang Remix) [ Rennbahn Records ]
11. Solanca, Davieu – Redwood [ Songspire Records ]
12. Marsh , Jesse Bullitt – Mantis [ Colorize ]
13. Jerro – Lake Nivu [ This Never Happened ]
14. Vintage & Morelli – Daydream [ Silk Music ]
15. Rudy UK – Real You ( Bluum Remix) [ Particles, Proton Music ]
16. Sébastien Léger – Lost Miracle [ All Day I Dream ]

Levitunes 07

This month I wanted to start with a Sublab track. Check out his bandcamp for some great music. (https://sublab.bandcamp.com/)

Runnerpark was my introduction to Jeremy Olander’s work. This man can create some stunning remixes. Speaking of remixes. Tennis Court made a wonderfull remix of Lane 8’s Brightest Lights. (feat. Poliça) It was for a remix contest Lane 8 held some time ago, and Tennis Court did not win. Still… epic track, and Lane 8 is missing out imo. 😉

We end the mix with KANT – Never You Mind. One of the tracks me and Four Days really love.

Track list:

01. Sublab – Phoneline To Nowhere (Cyber Intelligence)
02. Dosem – Runnerpark (Jeremy Olander Remix) [Suara]
03. Ralf Urland – Far (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) [Highway Records]
04. Marsh, Nox Vahn – Come Together [Anjunadeep]
05. Lane 8 – Brightest Lights feat. POLIÇA (Tennis Court Remix)
06. Ebrahimi – Duet (Late Lake Remix) [Dub Katalog]
07. Braxton, Danni Wells – Torn feat. Danni Wells (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
08. Boys be kko – Tapisl [Atomnation]
09. Travertia – Vei [Forestrip Music]
10. Li-Polymer – Warm Peace (Jelly for the Babies Remix) [One Of A Kind]
11. Farfetch’d – Uphere [Colorize]
12. About : river – Silver Dusk (Volen Sentir Retouch) [Nie Wieder Schlafen]
13. Cash & Fanizza – Afro Summer [LNG Records]
14. NiCe7, Leon (Italy) – Please Don’t Leave (Serge Devant Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
15. Sebastian Weikum, Amaletto – Volar (Weepee Remix) [Colorize]
16. KANT – Never You Mind [M Recordings]

Levitunes 06

Last year me and Four Days made a track called “Alter” and it’s been released on SkyTop, Alexey Sonar’s label. “Blindside” is the B-side of the “Alter” EP. We released music before with the help of Alexey (Intricate records) so it feels a bit like coming home.

In this month’s mix we have a few gems. I fell in love with Fehrplay’s “Reach” and wanted to give Einmusik a spot, starting the set energetic. Classics be classics. Solarity with Marsh is one of those tracks that is timeless and can fit in any modern mix. Closing the set with that one track that everybody on this planet would appreaciate and is indeed the perfect soundtrack to the last night on earth….

Track list:

01. Einmusik – Dune Suave [Stil Vor Talent]
02. Arina Mur – Miniaturi (Peter Makto & Gregory S Remix) [Zenebona]
03. Fehrplay – Reach [Mood Of Mind]
04. Nicolas Petracca, Ezequiel Anile – Deneb [Just Movement]
05. Marsh, Nox Vahn – Naturish [Anjunadeep]
06. Sebb Junior – Need a Break [Sub_Urban]
07. Rudy UK – All Things Fade (Davide Ferrario Remix) [Particles]
08. Kiasmos – Blurred [Erased Tapes]
09. Maliq Nature – Luqorio (OHMZ Remix) [The Purr]
10. Tennis Court – Subconscious [Immersed]
11. Soul Button – Deception [Steyoyoke]
12. Forerunners – Adrift (Club Mix) [Silk Music]
13. Solarity – Marsh [Anjunadeep]
14. Levitone – Blindside [SkyTop]
15. BAILE – Amae (Sasha fabric2099 Mix) [Last Night On Earth]

Levitunes 05

Another month at home. These are strange times. But let’s not get beat down by this and take this time to discover some great music.

I always wanted to use Cubosity​ , Universal Solution​ “Won’t Always Be” in a mix, and so I did. What an epic tune, sparking some great memories. GRAZZE​ returns with a vengance, and has 2 spots in this mix. Four Days​ isn’t far behind, getting the funk with the orginal “Call Me” on Mind Over Matter Records​ (with yours truly) and his epic Vector on 8Music​. I also wanted “Dunton Green” in there. Massive tune on Intricate Records​ from a few years ago. The new Schwartz/Fanizza had to get a spot and I thought it was time that I used “Kanga” in my mix. Lets face it, we can never have enough Kanga! Beautifull tracks, great music. New tracks are coming this June on Alexey Sonar​’s SkyTop label, so watch this -and Four Days space. 😉 Stay safe!

Track list:

01. Cubosity, Universal Solution – Won’t Always Be (Original Mix) [ Anjunadeep​ ]
02. GRAZZE, Tomi H​ – Time We Are In feat. Lawn ( Tube & Berger​ Remix) [ Clubstar Records​ ]
03. Four Days, Levitone – Call Me (Original mix) [ Mind Over Matter ]
04. Tantum​ – Lumen (Original Mix) [ Mango Alley​ ]
05. Robert Nickson​, RNX – Suffer (Original Mix) [ Colorize​ ]
06. GRAZZE – Gracemoh (Extended Mix) [ Beatfreak Recordings​ ]
07. Volen Sentir​ – Arrival (Original Mix) [ All Day I Dream​ ]
08. Marsh​, Jesse Bullitt​ – Ritual (Extended Mix) [Colorize]
09. MOON -RU-​ – In the Dark (Bengal Remix) [ Dream Culture​ ]
10. Four Days – Vector (Extended Mix) [ 8Music ]
11. Jiminy Hop​ – Brachistochrone (Original Mix) [ The Soundgarden​ ]
12. Ilnaz Cramp Tarkhanov​ (aka Cramp) , Matt Fax​ – Dunton Green (Extended Mix) [ Intricate Records ]
13. Thomas Schwartz​, Fausto Fanizza​ – Geisterbild (Original Mix) [ Poesie Musik​ ]
14. Sébastien Léger​ – Kanga (Original Mix) [ All Day I Dream ]
15. Cj Peeton​ – Sub Atragon (Original Mix) [ Morninglory Music​ ]
16. Gacha Bakradze​ – Image ( Earth Trax / Bartosz Kruczyński​ Extended Mix) [ Anjunadeep ]

Levitunes 04

This month I wanted to spin some classics to make everyone feel warm while they stay inside. Let this crisis remind us of the good things of the past while looking ahead to the future of course.

A few tracks in this mix have special meaning to me. Eli & Fur’s brilliant AnjunaDeep EP for instance. A signed copy of the vinyl version given to me on my 40th by my good friend Four Days! And Wayward’s remix of Aquilo’s “I Gave it all” is still on of my favourite songs ever. Special mention to Atish for introducing me to the music of Bengal (SF), who has 2 tracks in this mix. Black mountain by Marsh is one of those tracks that will stick by me for the rest of my life and so is Lian July’s haunting remix of Chris Domingo’s – Steady, reminding us how fragile life really is….

Track list:

01. Eli & Fur – Night Blooming Jasmine [Anjunadeep]
02. Aquilo – I Gave It All (Wayward Remix) [Island Records]
03. Bengal (SF) – Fractal Dust [Manjumasi]
04. Marsh – Black Mountain [Anjunadeep]
05. Matt Lange – All You Need to See [isorhythm]
06. Forerunners, Berni Turletti – Return to Memories [Mango Alley]
07. Weird Sounding Dude – Circling Flight [If You Wait]
08. Kleinsky – Remember (Christian Monique Remix) [Estribo Records]
09. Carl Jurgens, Niso – Skyscrapers (Alex O’Rion Deep Dub Mix) [Stripped Recordings]
10. Samotarev, Hiroshi Miyata – Easy & Skip (CJ Peeton Remix) [Lamp]
11. Ezequiel Arias – Passenger [Sudbeat Music]
12. David Leckenby – Primal Connection [Particles]
13. Galexis – Gravity (Monojoke Remix) [If You Wait]
14. GRAZZE – Querencia [Anjunadeep]
15. SLP, Tobak – Delicia (Spieltape Remix) [Artessa Music]
16. Chris Domingo – Steady (Lian July Remix) [Nuevadeep]
17. Bengal (SF), atish – Tortoise [Manjumasi]
18. Nikosf. – Our Road Home [MOSHItaka]

Levitunes 03

With valentine behind us I wanted to start the mix with some romantic tunes. Big shout out to SubLab for the first tune of this mix, what a fantastic track! Enjoy and see you next month again.

Track list:

01. Sublab – My Heart Stops, When I See You
02. Marsh – Me & You [Silk Music]
03. Diversion – Momentum [Colorize]
04. David Leckenby – Primal Connection (GMJ & Matter Remix) [Particles]
05. Pedro Capelossi, NOIYSE PROJECT – Whales in Mirrisa (Luciano Scheffer Remix) [Droid9]
06. Lucas Rossi – Nebular [onedotsixtwo]
07. Tripswitch – Box Fresh (Forerunners Remix) [onedotsixtwo]
08. Apste – Same Old Feeling (Levitone Remix) [LuPS Records]
09. Hot Tuneik – Circles of You (Sebastian Sellares Remix) [Proton Music]
10. Mayro – The Light [Siona Records]
11. LADISLAØ – Loyalty (Anton MAKe Remix) [Mango Alley]
12. FMENEZS – Appear Sun (Subandrio Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
13. Paul Deep (AR) – Mk50 [Plattenbank]
14. Huminal – Ghost in Machine [Conscious Monkey]
15. Sharam Jey – Roadtrip (Teenage Mutants Remix) [Bunny Tiger]
16. Nick Muir – Mirror Walk (Khen Remix) [Bedrock Records]
17. Mizar B – We Found It [Silk Music]

Levitunes 02

New month, new mix. Something old and something new. This time with a video.

Track list:

01. Cherry (UA) – Come to Me [Timeless Moment]
02. Pedro Capelossi – Gaia (CJ Peeton Remix)[BC2]
03. Hosini – Centauri [When We Dip XYZ]
04. Kamilo Sanclemente – Yavin [Univack]
05. Four Days – Polarized (Extended Mix)[8Music]
06. Michael A – Cyclus [Specific Music]
07. Ewan Rill – Overflow Experience (Andrea Cassino Remix)[Transpecta]
08. Juliane Wolf – Forbidden Forest (Dowden Remix)[Modern Agenda]
09. Rauschhaus – Moonbeam [Mango Alley]
10. Juan Deminicis – Aldebaran [Freegrant Music]
11. Losann – Sturgeon Moon (Stan Kolev Remix)[The Soundgarden]
12. Kasper Koman – Hi (Cid Inc. Remix)[Lost & Found]
13. Dmitry Molosh – Cascade [Replug]
14. Levitone – Drive [LuPS Records]
15. Luca Marchese – Transmit (Teenage Mutants & Heerhorst Remix)[Tronic]

Levitunes 01

2020 is the year to try new things. It’s been a while since I even looked at the wheels of steel. Watch out for my new EP on LuPS Records “Night Train”.

Track list:

01. Jeremy Olander – Osho [ Balance Music ]
02. Chris Domingo, Mariner, Alec Sky – Freqing Out [ Colorize ]
03. ID – ID
04. Deeparture – Disruption Protocol [ Colorize ]
05. Sebastian Sellares – Stranded Mind [UV]
06. Andre Sobota – Alter Ego (Antrim Remix)[ Particles ]
07. ORSEN – Falling In [ Replug Records ]
08. Ezequiel Arias – Rotator [ SUDBEAT ]
09. Subandrio – The Future Now [ SUDBEAT ]
10. Juliane Wolf – First Kiss (Luciano Scheffer Remix)[ Wizarding Wolf ]
11. Max Wexem – Children [ Freegrant Music ]
12. Markus Klee – Mighty Walk (Stan Kolev Remix) [ Criminal Bassline ]
13. ID – ID
14. Huminal – Carousel [ Einmusika Recordings ]
15. Levitone – Night Train [ LuPS Records ]