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The Weapons
A prefect organism needs to be taken out with the perfect gun for the job...
All Classes
Standard issue side arm of the USCM. Came in last minute replacement. Manufactured by Weyland Yutani under contract. This particular weapon has been fitted with a laser sight to aid hip firing at fast moving targets.

Riflemen Class
Some designs never get old. This weapon has change little over the last century and remains a tried and tested back weapon of choice for the USCM.

Riflemen Class
M41A - Pulse Rifle
100 rounds of 10mm explosive tipped caseless ammunition combined with an over and under 30mm grenade launcher make this weapon the ultimate bug stomper. Standard issue for all USCM Riflemen.

Specialist Class
Ithaca Model 39
Strictly non-issue this weapon is often carried in by specialists as a back up. They tend to find it handy for close encounters.

Specialst CLass
USCM Breacher
Be it doors or bulkheads there is nothing that the Breacher can't get you into. Smart ammo and barrel rifling allow for either a tight or loose spread giving the specialist tactical options.

Specialist Class
M56 Smartgun
The M56A2 is a 10mm general purpose automatic squad support weapon effective to 1,500 meters. The pulse-action system employs a free floating recoil dampened motorised rotating breech mechanism chambered for the 10 mm x 28 caseless round. Integrated optics allow for operation in lowlight and poor visibility conditions.

Riflemen Class
M240 'Incinerator' Flame Unit
The M240 Flame Unit is a lightweight, carbine-format flamethrower designed for use in close combat at the squad and fireteam level. Using pressurized, ultra-thick napalm fuel as a base ignited by a nozzle burner, the M240 can shoot flame at targets up to 30 meters.!

Specialist Class
The X4 is a lightweight 40 mm six-shot revolver-type grenade launcher. Useful for saturation and crowd control. In close quarters it can be as much a threat to the user as the enemy.

Specialist Class
UA 571-C Sentry Gun
The UA 571-C is a man portable automatic perimeter defence system currently deployed by the Colonial Marine Corps. Only properly trained Specialists can operate these units.

Portable Hand Welder - Gas powered cutting torch and spot welder. Uses compressed hydrocarbon fuel contained in a refillable internal reservoir bottle. - Standard issue for all marines.

TNR Shoulder Lamp - The TNR lamp runs off a rechargeable internal battery and incorporates a carrying handle so that it may be detached and used as a hand torch. - Standard issue for all marines.

Motion Tracker - The modern motion tracker is a simple surveillance device originally designed for use by rescue and police services. Essentially, it is a high-powered ultrasound scanner that uses doppler-shift discrimination to filter out moving objects from stationary background.

K52 Medical Kit - The medical kit comes in a hold all containing a full field medics supplies that any marine can use to patch his wounds. A stimulate delivery system is also available that is capable of pumping enough drugs into a wounded marine to make him continue as if he were unharmed. Due to it's unstable nature only trained Medics are also equipped with the system.

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