Levitone a.k.a. Frank Visser is a progressive and deep house producer from the southern region of the Netherlands. In the early days he used to play in various bands but when trackers came a long his interest for producing music was spawned. With a distinct taste in the deeper side of electronic music creating melodic house music was a logical choice. Levitone is often found collaborating with his friend Four Days, a producer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Levitunes live sets

Every month I post a new mix on all my social channels, and this website of course. I try to capture a month of new progressive house tracks and combine these with classic songs, sometimes with a tease to future releases.

If you wish to do a booking you can always contact me: levitonemusic@gmail.com

Levitone Progressive Dance Music


I love to spin the wheels of steel but once in a while I also produce tracks. Progressive House, Melodic Techno and Deephouse are my genres and I pour my heart and soul into these tunes. I had the privilege of producing and remixing tracks for Intricate records, mind over matter, sunstate records and LuPS records. My music is featured in various podcasts, including Anjunabeats Wordwide.

A little history: In 2016 me and Four Days decided we could no longer sit on de sidelines. We wanted to let the rest of the world listen to our music. After looking around a bit we thought our favourite podcast DJ Embliss fitted our profile best. By chance he was just about to setup shop with his new record label, when he first heard our music. (Call Me & Four Day’s “Gamma Five”)

After Call Me, Embliss recommended we gave Intricate Records a try for our next 2 tracks “The Reach” & “Something to lose”. That started the ball rolling and it never stopped. I feel privileged to work with my best friend Four Days on these tunes, and we have a blast creating them!